Sugar Face Scrub For Summer Care Routine

Sugar Face Scrub For Summer Skincare 

It is very easy to brighten your face with sugar. You can use it differently on the skin. Here we have brought such easy methods of Sugar Skin Care for you.

Learn Ways To Increase Beauty With Sugar

Most people like to eat things made from sugar. No matter what the dessert, sugar is used to make most of it. Eating sugar can be bad for health, but applying sugar to the skin is similar to giving nectar to the skin (Sugar Skin Care).

Sugar can rejuvenate your body within just 15 days. Once you include it in your skincare routine, try it. Today we are telling you here about the ways in which you can use sugar to enhance your beauty (Summer Skin Care With Sugar).

How to use sugar on the skin

You can use sugar on the skin in many different ways and overcome many different problems. like,

For scrubbing


To remove dryness

Faces with masks

Chinese scrub methods

Sugar scrub can be made with many different things. It depends on your skin needs how you use sugar. 


1 teaspoon brown sugar powder

1 teaspoon rice flour

2 teaspoon almond oil

Combine these three things and make a scrub. Scrub 4 to 5 minutes on the face and neck, remove dead skin, and then clean it with lukewarm water.

For dry skin


1 teaspoon brown sugar powder

2 tablespoons olive oil

Prepare a scrub by mixing these two things and then after scrubbing for 4 to 5 minutes, wash your face with fresh water. Do not apply moisturizer if necessary after wiping the skin, otherwise apply rose water or aloe vera gel on the skin.

For normal skin


If you have normal skin, you can use a scrub of china

1 teaspoon brown sugar powder

1 rice flour

2 teaspoon coconut oil

Mix these three things and then after 4 to 5 minutes of scrubbing clean the skin with fresh water. After this, use toner and moisturizer on the skin.

Sugar face pack

With the help of sugar, you can also make face packs to rejuvenate your skin. For this


1 teaspoon brown sugar powder

2 teaspoon rice flour or gram flour

2 teaspoon coconut oil

1 aloe vera gel

Mix all these things and make a paste. Apply the prepared paste on the face and neck for 20 to 25 minutes. After this, wash your face and clean it. This face mask works wonders for all skin types.

Keep skin young

Let me tell you that sugar is a natural humectant. That is, it works by absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. When you use sugar on your skin, due to its properties, it works to retain moisture in your skin.

Alpha hydroxy acid is found in sugar. Which helps to improve the bonding of skin cells, as well as maintaining the speed of formation of cells. Due to this skin cell damage, the skin does not show clumsiness or dullness.

This quality of sugar does not allow the effect of aging on the skin. This is the reason why sugar is used in many beauty products, especially products related to facial treatments and spa treatments.


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