How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs At Home


Here Is Everything To Know About Strawberry Legs And How To Get Rid Of It

The beauty of the feet comes from their skin. If your skin is rough and has big spots on it, then keep these things in mind to fix them.

Strawberry Legs Make Girls' Feet Look Bad, Know These Ways To Get Rid Of It

Skin problems usually affect not only the face but also the feet. Strawberry legs are a similar problem. Most people often see black dots or black holes on their feet. These are quite large at times. This problem associated with the skin is called strawberry legs.

Strawberry legs are caused by oil, bacteria, and dead skin. Sometimes when we leave the holes open after shaving, the air goes inside the holes and the oil gets oxidized. Then the oxidized oil starts to look like a black spot and the skin looks like a strawberry seed. Let's know the causes of strawberry legs and ways to get rid of them.

Due to strawberry legs

Not using razors or shaving cream correctly causes skin damage. This can cause problems with strawberry legs.

This problem also arises due to the filling of bacteria and oil in the pore.

Strawberry spots appear on the feet due to inflammation or infection in the hair follicles of the skin.

Due to skin-related problems like keratosis pilaris, the skin becomes dry and black dots start coming on the feet.

If your skin is too dry, your chances of getting strawberry legs may increase.

Remedy to get rid of strawberry legs

Use good shaving cream

Shaving without shaving cream can cause strawberry legs. Therefore, always good quality shaving cream or lotion should be used. For shaving, use a cream that moisturizes and hydrates the skin for a long time. Also, protect against skin dryness. This reduces the problem of strawberry legs.

Moisturize skin regularly

Moisturizing the skin daily reduces the problem of strawberry legs to a great extent. It also helps to avoid flaky skin. Always use thick milk or almond-based moisturizer. It deeply nourishes the skin.

Use epilator

Epilator is a tool used for hand-holding. It removes hair from the roots. Using it removes hair easily and also does not open pores.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating regularly removes bacteria and dirt on the skin. For this, you can use a market exfoliator or homemade scrub.

Use a product containing salicylic acid

Salicylic acid reduces skin dryness. It helps in getting rid of the problem of strawberry legs.

The problem of strawberry legs can be avoided to a great extent by trying these easy remedies.

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