Disha Patani stuns in a two-piece string bikini set

Disha Patani's bikini look sets fire even in water, sizzling beyond limits, made the sunset even more beautiful.

Recently, Disha had shared sea side photos on her Instagram, in which she was looking so sizzling that these photos of hers are being liked a lot on the internet.

Disha made everyone crazy

Disha Patani is unique, sometimes she gives fashion and sometimes she keeps entertaining her fans with videos on social media. But every look of hers is so sizzling and gorgeous that this beauty makes everyone crazy at first sight. Now see the bikini look of this girl, how she is posing on the beach, stunning everyone with her style.

Disha enjoying sunset

Recently Disha shared sea side photos on her Instagram. Disha, with eyes as deep as a lake, was posing amazingly in the middle of the deep sea.

Hasina's string bikini look

Disha's figure is such that every outfit suits her very well, but this girl was looking very hot in this two-piece string bikini set.

This was the color of the bikini

Disha had chosen a two-piece string bikini for her C-size look, the upper part of which was in crimson color and the bottom part was in black and crimson dye shade.

Adjust clothes while giving random poses

There is a photo of Disha adjusting her bikini bottom wear with her killer looks and killer eyes. In which his hair was spread on his face.

had a black bracelet in her hands

Keeping her look simple, Disha carried a black bracelet in her right hand and a silver bracelet in the other. In this picture, Disha is posing while fixing her hair.

Disha's ring sparkled in her hands

Disha, while not carrying many accessories, carried a ring in her hands apart from a bracelet. She was also wearing small stud earrings in her ears.

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